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Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Lifeguarding Future

Guarding has been a part of my life since I was 16. Besides providing me with a source of income, I’ve made some of my best friends and had some of the most amazing experiences through my various aquatic jobs. I used to say that I would become a professional lifeguard in a heartbeat if I could. Ironically, this is coming true. Well, only partly.

After graduation this May, I will be moving down to Orlando and participating in the Disney College Program, which I was recently accepted into. I’m looking forward to this once in a lifetime opportunity to work for a world-renowned company, build transferable skills, meet people from around the world and live in Florida, where guards can actually work year-round outdoors.

This Disney Program offers everything from networking seminars to leadership workshops. As part of the program, students live and work inside the park, in order to further become acquainted with the company and receive a weekly paycheck. My job with Disney World? Lifeguarding, of course. While I won’t be assigned to an official guard post until I actually get to Disney, I’m excited that I’ll be earning money by guarding in a location like Blizzard Beach or the Walt Disney World Resort.

Even though lifeguarding will just be a part of my Disney College Program experience, it will undoubtedly be the most intense guarding I’ve done yet. Disney requires its lifeguards to become certified through Ellis and Associates, which according to the company includes everything from surprise auditing (testing guards without their knowledge to make sure they know how to scan and rescue properly) to its own style of water saves. I’m sure I certainly won’t remain a lifeguard for the rest of my life, but I’m happy I don’t have to give it up yet…maybe I’ll even save Mickey Mouse someday!



Jose said...

Love your site & posts!

Adrienne V said...

You need to write more! Hopefully you didn't give up....
I enjoy reading your blog. =)

Jasmin said...

That is so exciting. I have been thinking of doing something like this. My best friend has a cute guy that works at blizzard beach named jarrod. do you know him?

Mark G said...

Hello Kelsey

I enjoyed reading your blog and as already mentioned you should keep this going.

I have a blog as well which is more of a generalisation of my 40 years experience in surf lifesaving.

If you paste that link you will find my blog which is attached to LA City Lifeguards.

All the best with your chosen career and I hope it delivers the fun and experiential learning I have gained over the last 40 years.

Mark G

LA Lifeguard Certification said...

Kelsey! That is amazing! Disney world?!?! I can't imagine any better way to celebrate and start your life with such a unique experience like this one. You will never forget it. And now you have proven that you can make a future from life guarding that is extremely important and honorable. Congratulations and make the best of it. Good luck!

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Boon said...

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Martita King said...

Awesome article!!! So happy for you to have such an amazing apportunity! It's good you are working for Ellis and Associates, a company who really cares for other people. I work in Illinois for Jeff Ellis Management and have completed the EA training several time. It is harder the first time but the second time the new guards will look up to you. It is a great experience with a lot of life lessons. I am sure you have already completed the training several times by now.

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